CreateR by Maria Pero

I started my interior design company CreateR (Create a Room) in 2018 for people who want to stand out from the crowd with unique interiors that are both functional and beautiful.
I have high awareness of sustainability and economy, therefore I utilise vintage and antique furniture, objects, textiles, and items sourced from various markets, and local makers. I also use economy friendly materials for my projects. This involves a lot of upcycling and implement plants, living walls in the interiors.

As a designer I love to combine extremes, such as minimalist and maximalist interiors, monochrome and full colour, moody florals and geometric patterns, and lots of contrasts in colours, materials, surfaces, etc. My favourite interior designer is actually a fashion designer, Christian Lacroix, who is a master of mixing colours and patterns in bold and unusual ways.

CreateR wants to help people create a place that they love, a place that gives them joy just to look at, a place that can evolve over the years. In order to achieve this, CreateR offers services for various budgets, including E-design packages, consultation, sourcing and project management.

The CreateR soft furnishing studio offers high standard textile works (curtains, blinds, cushions, bedspreads, loose covers, small upholsteries), not just for client projects, but also for other interior designers. Recently set online shop for textile accessories such as cushions and tapestries. The cushions you can see in my online shop are part of the “Forgotten treasures"  collection where I reuse and give a new life for
vintage ethnic embroideries and crochets. 

In the future I intend to arrange classes for those who love interior design and who like to decorate their
homes themselves but need guidance on how to do it. I offer my expertise to help them find their style,
stay focused and realise their ideas.


About Maria Pero

She Grew up in a tailor family in Hungary. Designing was  her passion from young age and picked up the knowledge of sewing and pattern making very early. After high school she went to university and studied maths and physics for 5 years but then she rather settled in the creative industry and become a self taught soft furnishing maker and upholsterer. Later she studied interior design and textile engineering and while she run her own soft furnishing business she also worked for various high end curtains shops as interior design adviser and project manager

She moved to Scotland in 2009, Started to work as a dressmaker and couturier for tailor shops and bridal shops but did not give up the dream of own interior design business and worked on the idea for years. In 2018 she decided to set finally her own interior design and soft furnishing company, when got an opportunity to rent a studio in Niddrie, (a dynamic area of new developments) from the Out Of The Blue