Home staging

Or dress a property for sale


Researches show that 90% of people are more likely to buy furnished property rather than empty properties. Staged properties have been sold on 5-20% higher price and by the time they are on market they are around 20% shorter than they otherwise would be.


Home staging services we provide:

  • If the property is empty or partly furnished, and requires furniture, accessories, lights and decorations:

Our studio can plan the layout, suggest colour schemes, find furniture sources (hiring or buying), as well as accessories, such as rugs, cushions, wall arts, flowers and plants


  • If the property is furnished and occupied:  we can provide advice on what changes need to be made: rearrangement or change of furniture, suggest different colour schemes, advise on decluttering, and change decorations and accessories. We can also provide physical help in organizing, decluttering, small repairing, and refer skilled persons for the job.

Consultations, planning and styling are charged on an hourly rate, £60/ hour if 1 hour, £110 for 2 hours; any additional hours £50/ hour

Sourcing is 12% of the bought items

Once an agreement is reached about the amount of work that is required, we can give you an estimate cost.