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interior design

What can an interior designer do for you?

When you renovate, decorate and furnish a property, you want to get a certain look, a look that you will love for years to come. You also want to be sure it is functional and suitable for your lifestyle.

Based on a conversation with you about your requirements, style preferences,  lifestyle, etc, we will know exactly what you are looking for and how to make it happen. We can visualize the space with computer programs; concept, mood and sample boards; help you make the right decisions and plan the best layouts designed for your needs. We can also help to keep the project within your budget using our knowledge of different sources and materials.  

With well thought-out planning, we can save you from costly mistakes.

Interior design has 2 phases: first is the planning, second - after the planning - is the actual realization of the plan. 

You can find 3 shoppable design packages for residential design planning below, depending on the amount of help you need.

Don't worry if you feel your project does not fit in one of these packages or you don't know which one would suit for the project. Please get in touch and we can give a customized quote for your unique project.

For 3 or more rooms designs we offer 15% discount. For multi functional or en suite room, please contact for custom price!

- We find conception and solution for every budget

CreateR is happy to help you with any size of project, from answering questions to managing a whole property renovation


If you need help with the realization, we can manage the whole renovation, including finding the right skilled people and make sure everything goes by the plan at the highest standard. Project managing priced hourly at £40/ hour rate and billed after every 10 hours.

We can not provide estimation for the whole makeover in advance, budget estimation is part of the designing process and we often need to ask quote from the professionals with the actual plans for that.


We love to design commercial facilities, like restaurants, takeaways, hotels, salons, shops,  clinics etc. Due the wide variety of the scale and size of these type of projects, can't provide design packages. If you have a commercial project and would like to know price for designing, we would love to here from you and give you a quote with no obligation 

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