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How to bring colours in and decorate a bathroom? 

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

You have a nice monochrome bathroom, but you start to miss some colours and fed up with clinic look. How to bring in some colours in and make your bathroom more cosy? What kind of decorations feel appropriate? Here are some decor ideas, which not just feel appropriate for a bathroom, but also practical.

First you need to decide what colours do you want to bring in? Choose 1-2-3 colours to combine and then collect the accessories based on your colour scheme

- Colourful towels which are matching in style and in colours with other accessories - you can fold them or roll them and create a nice arrangement - you can buy huge colour range basically anywhere from supermarket chains to design shops or online.

- Pictures on the wall. If you worry about the dump ruining your pictures, Posterlounge have foam board prints which will be resistant to moist.

- Footstools, storage stools, chairs. Certain type of woods are more resistant to moist, bamboo also good for bathroom. You can also find very attractive plastic chairs and stools at Kartell. You can sit down while you dry yourself or do your manicure.

- Laundry baskets. You can find so many attractive ones, try MiLAGRoS, Naken interiors or Tkmaxx

- Decorative boxes to organize clutters: Ikea always have nice storage boxes on very good prices

- Candle arrangement: who would not like a relaxing bath in a candle light? Place various size pillar candles with matching colour glass chipping in a big glass bowl! For pillar candles try Ikea, Trouva or John Lewis, glass bowl Ikea, glass chippings Ebay

- Plants - most plants love the climate of bathroom, even the cactus but if you don't have time to take care of living plant artificial plants or flower arrangement in a nice vase have similar effect. For artificial flowers and vases try Tkmaxx, Next or Ikea

- Soap bars or bath bombs in glass jars. You can buy soap bars and bath bombs in any colour and shape on Etsy

- You can also decorate with ornaments, hour glass (you can use for timing shower/bath time)

Few decor elements will lift up your bathroom but before you overdue it also think that too many decoration make cleaning time longer so try to keep balance! Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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