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"Amazing service by Maria
We engaged Maria for a housestaging as we are selling and from the very beginning she was understating of our budget and general expected look and delivered.We could not be happier with the service and should anyone need a great service at a great price then i wholeheartedly recommend Maria."


Hello! Welcome to the site!

I am Maria Pero, interior designer with a very eclectic range of other skills too (maths and physics teacher, couturier, upholsterer, soft furnishing maker, project manager, art and textile engineering studies) 

Interior design was always a big passion for me, and having own company a long term dream.

I wanted to reach out much more people and make interior design available for more, especially those who have not worked with interior designer before. 

I started to build my interior design company CreateR (Create a Room) in 2018 and launched in 2019

Createwants to help people create a place that they love, a place that gives them joy just to look at, a place that can evolve over the years. In order to achieve this, CreateR offers services for various budgets, including E-DESIGN PACKAGES, hourly CONSULTATION, SOURCING and PROJECT MANAGEMENT for either residential or commercial clients

We have a studio that you are very welcome to visit, but please arrange an appointment.

Outside of INTERIOR DESIGN services, the studio offer HOME STAGING and we do our own SOFT FURNISHING work, we don't outsource them.

I - as a designer - truly appreciate historical architecture, often utilise vintage and antique furniture, objects, textiles, and items sourced from various niche markets and local makers. I also like to use economy friendly materials for my projects. I am very resourceful and easily work around low budget assets, using what we already have as much as providing luxury designs, but I always keep on my eye on sustainability

My background in fashion and soft furnishing taught me to bravely combine colours and patterns - IF YOU LOVE BOLD, COLOURFUL DESIGN - you are in the right place

If you have the desire for a better functional and more beautiful home but you feel you can't afford it, please get in touch! We have started a Facebook group that offer help and you can get answer for your questions not just by me but by the growing community.

We also regularly offer prize to win something, for group members so keep on eye on it!