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Artworks in interior design - where to buy them?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Artworks and wall arts can have a big impact on interiors, if chosen well. Most clients find it difficult to choose the best artworks and arrange them. CreateR is happy to help by choosing suitable artworks for your interiors that we think you'll love.

Here are my favourite, most affordable wall art sources and their advantages:

1. Vintage, antique and charity shops, online markets. If you have a clear vision for what you want or want to collect a certain theme, media; you can find art works for bargain prices. You just need a little bit of good luck and a patience to find the right pieces.

2. Saatchi Art: You can find on their website lots of original contemporary artworks in various styles, medias from all over the world. If you would like to invest in original artworks of upcoming artist, that is the best place to find an artwork.

Artwork from Rashna Hackett

3. The National Gallery of Scotland sell art prints and art canvases on their website.

They have plenty of artists (classical and modern) in their library. You can usually order works in three to four sizes with three colour choices of frames. You can find some interesting art work on their website, like the one below. The prints are good quality and if you purchase them it supports the National Gallery of Scotland.

4. Posterlounge. Posterlounge has a massive library of classic, modern and contemporary artists and you can choose lots of different media, including art print, aluminium, foam board, wood print, canvas etc. There is also a wide range of frames available. Their search system is excellent as you can search by style, colour and theme, as well as various other ways.

Prints from Paul Klee paintings

5. Desenio Desenio mainly sell modern, popular and fashionable art prints, usually in three sizes. Their library is growing and you can see that items are tasteful and grouped together by colours, have at least a pair from matching pieces, and are very easy to choose. They also sell ready gallery walls, so if you don't feel confident choosing more art pieces, they have the solution for you.

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