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Case study - bright and cheerful living room with beautiful stained glass windows in Glasgow

The couple in Glasgow just bought this flat. I have helped them with their previous home design, so they asked me to help with their new home too.

We started the design process a bit different way, because the painters were coming in few days, needed a quick decision on colours. In the previous living room, they had Farrow and Ball inchyra blue walls, which worked really well, they tested here, but looked dull, so I suggested a brighter teal blue, from Coat paint.

The bedroom has the windows on the same side as the living room also with stained glass and they wanted the same material curtains in both rooms. For the bedroom I suggested a peachy nude colour also from Coat. For the kitchen - which had dark natural wood cabinets - an olive green colour, citrine from Little Green. These colours also appear in the stained glass windows, so they looked really good together. They wanted the kitchen still bright, so I suggested to paint the walls only halfway, which give a lovely background for the dark wood, but does not take away much from the light.

The curtains was made by our studio, the chosen fabric is a beige-gold textured fabric from .

In the second phase needed help with rug, new sofa and some accessories. They had artworks already which was used in the design and chose a bohemian, berber style rug that has similar colour combination in the patterns.

The chosen fabric for the sofa was similar to the curtain fabric but with more texture and it works really well with the rugs too.

The kitchen and living room is open plan and although they loved both colour we chose previously, they wanted something that tie them together, also separate the two rooms, so they got the idea to make a folding screen from door panels and wallpaper one or both sides.

I suggested a geometric wallpaper from - it ties together the olive and teal colour really well.

These clients like to do some DIY themselves and also had some own ideas, but needed help to integrate their ideas and create a cohesive interiors in the whole home. The result is really reflect their taste and created a lovely, cheerful home, that joy to live in.

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