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Case study: Italian restaurant concept

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This Italian restaurant required new decor.

The owner wanted to get a new decor that give true Italian experience and wanted a mural wallpaper decor.

The mural would go on a very long wall -there was not such a long shape ready mural but found few that would work mirrored.

The colour scheme inspired from the mural: lush greenery, colours of flowers, like pink, purple blue, light stone.

Their costumer service is excellent

Commercial grade green mosaic pattern wallpaper: Wall stickers with Italian scene for other walls

Floor: Faus flooring: Aventino Italiano

Green wallpaper:

Commercial grade faux leather for chairs and Bank seats

Furniture from Forest Contract furniture

Final design, colours materials and furniture and lights together:

The 4 rough original ideas:

The second was chosen but was changed slightly.

One layout idea with showing all the movement in the public area; also another idea for the feature wall with half circle booths

And the samples together:

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