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Case study - modern, minimalist living room in an ex council house, Glasgow

The owners of this living room wanted brilliant white walls and ceiling, and neutral colours on carpet and sofa with bright accents to uplift the interior. Also needed to find the right layout and right size furniture. They have a lovely elderly dog that her bed had to stay in front of the fireplace.

We used 3D program to show the suggested interior arrangement with similar furniture to the suggested one and few variation for accent colours. This time we did not need to make moodboards, but we had a lengthy in-person consultation. Also ordered fabric, carpet samples to help to choose the right colours, materials. Suggested artworks in the 3D designs are from

The last picture has the artworks we chose and the matching cushions, our studio made. The artworks are from

No matter if you have a small or grand space, lower or high budget, the room needs to be functional and have a look, that reflects you, you enjoy living in it. With quick 3D designs we can help you to make the right decisions, choose the right colours, furniture and accessories.

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