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Case study - new decor for a living room

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The owner of this living room wanted to change decor from the blank neutral for a more lively and more colourful yet light, bright and elegant.

Before the final design, I suggested 3 ideas and presented them in the way of 3 collages:

She checked the ideas and told me what she liked from the ideas: she liked the colour of the second one but wanted a bit more colourful, she also liked some of the furniture ideas I sent separately, one that have antique brass metal frame

Based on her feedback I put together the final design:

Suggested colour scheme was light beige cream, terracotta, dark red and ochre, new furniture in antique brass and white colour, for her request.

Decided to paint the wall in 2 colours, Craig Rose Fresh Plaster and White Doe, this way the room get pop of colour but also stay light.

Fabrics from our supplier:

Now the fabric samples have arrived:

The original room

After the living room design she decided to go ahead with decorating the entry hall/ stairs too.

Because the close connection of the 2 rooms (living room open from entry hall) the design needed to be continous and matching.

Here is the scheme I suggested:

The colours harmonising very well with the living room but put more contrast into it

Please check later for the ready interior!

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