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Competition: designing a luxury Parisian apartment living room

Updated: Jan 21

Once upon a time i decided to take part on a competition, few american home decor companies organized. The brief was to design a living room for a luxury parisian apartment. The theme caught my attention, because I love French home decor companies, there was the right occasion to use them in my design.

The furniture and lighting needed to choose from a given websites, but decoration and accessories were free to choose and I chose.

Here are the 3 ideas i put together:


Warm autumn colours, fantastic moody wallpaper (Elitis) and vintage vibe - give an effortless chic

2. This is inspired by the French art. I imagined a home of an art collector in a classic Parisian apartment with dramatic colours and huge antique mirror in the centre.

In this design I got help and inspirations from my son who studied art and he is really good at Photoshop

The wallpaper is a metallic purple blue from Elitis. One of the rug is antique, art deco, the other CCtapis

3. The 3d idea was creating a classy, elegant and well balanced design with quality pieces

The dramatic mural from Nobilis, retro and modern the same time.

Let me know which design do you like best?

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