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Creating an open plan kitchen-living room with french doors to the patio

This flat is an ordinary 70th built 6 in a block flat on the ground floor, the owner has a small back patio which they want better use, but the flat does not have straight door to it. In the plan decided to swap the living room with the bedroom this way the new living room window look for the patio, so can change for french doors and also open the kitchen and the living room together.

The new much bigger bedroom also can accommodate a working corner so the 2 adult can work in 2 separate rooms when needed

Here is the original layout

Here is the new layout with the most budget friendly alteration

The new furniture arrangement

I also made 3D plans for better understanding the layout and colours.

The furniture used in 3D images similar for the planned one but not the same (I choose from my computer program library) - this make the planning process much quicker and much cheaper but the costumer able to understand the layout, proportion of the furniture, the lights and the overall atmosphere.

For the styling process and visualising the planned furniture, colours and accessories together I use moodboard (photo collages) - you can see in other posts

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