What if I did not have a budget limit?

I as an interior designer often check luxurious interior websites, antique shops, one of my favourite is 1stdibs. Do you know it? It's a website for vintage, antique and artisan furniture and home decor. Vetted dealers, sellers from all over the world and you can find lots of beautiful objects - it's truly inspirational for me. This gave me the idea to pull together some design with no budget limit and what truly reflect my personal style:

Here there are

Wall mural is from Chtistian Lacroix - one of my favourite home decor and did you know he is very good interior designer too.

Furniture rug and decor from 1stdibs, aren't they gorgeous?

This is very bold! I love the combination of primary colours!

Vall mural is from Nobilis - for some reason - my favourite wallpaper and mural companies are all French, they know something about decoration

All furniture rug and accessories are from 1stdibs

You can tell I love geometric patterns - perhaps because I was trained as math teacher once upon a time and my favourite was geometry. Black-cream combo goes so well with other colours!