The plan priced after square meter. Fee is £35/ square meter (£3.25/ square feet).

what is included?

furniture layout, list of suggested furniture, accessories, decorations, floor and other materials, website links where can you buy them, concept board, colour scheme, 3D visualising and  few rendering with similar furniture and accessories (note: 3D plans with exact furniture and accessories require much more time, hence use only for bigger projects and the price is different) but you will be able to see, how your room look like.

For example, if your living room is 3.8 m x 4.5 m = 17.1 ; the planning will cost £598.

Obviously if you don’t need the full plan or just part of it, we can work out a costumed price, depends on your needs, what include and what not. 



Pictures on right are simplified examples  of what you get in a design package.


Other services:


If you don't have the time or confidence, we can do sourcing/ buying and also manage the renovation and installing. Sourcing fee is 12% of the cost of the bought product. Installing and management is also 12% of the cost of the works.


priced by hour; 1 hour £60, 2 hours £110, any additional hours £50.


You can buy 5-hour or 10-hour consultation packages, and use the hours whenever you need advice: this called “Designer on demand”: 

5-hours package price £250,  10-hours is £400. No expiring time for these hours, once you have bought.


“Designer for the day": 6 hours consultation at your place; answering all your question, help to choose furniture, colours, tiles, wallpaper, help in rearranging furniture, providing ideas, visualising them with sketches, shopping together...  whatever  help you need – followed by 2 hours work by me at home, when I do research, write you list of furniture, link of shops, doing calculations .... £350

the original  room with  few existing furniture

suggestion for colours and decoration

layout plan

3D visualisations