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Remote/ online/ virtual interior design services, E-design packages
What is remote interior design service or on other name E-design?
It is very similar to the normal interior design planning, just everything happen through online: you can shop  the service online, you will communicate your needs online or on phone and the designer send you all of the plans and information through online medias. The advantage, you don't need to live close to the designer, they can even stay in another country. If you are doing some home improvement or prepare your property for sale due to lock down online interior design services could be very handy for you
Buy any online design package and we will contact you in 24 hours to start the design process
We created various interior design packages to suit for every needs.
If you are unsure which package would be the right for you, please contact us! You can use the chat window on the bottom right or the contact page 
If you want to buy more than one packages or E-design for more rooms or a whole property, we can give you further discount, please also contact us and we send you a price offer.
We  also do sourcing and project management, if you want more than just online design service 
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