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Win a FREE room makeover DESIGN!

 message us to apply

Due to lock down I have worked out and just launched online/ remote interior design packages which will sell with 40% discount until end of May - a little help for those who are doing some home improvement while staying at home.
You can check them out here:



But the big news....I also offer a FREE INTERIOR DESIGN for one room for a lucky winner.

What do you need for winning? 

  - You have a room, you are recently planning to change, refresh the decor, restyle, rearrange room, plan to buy new furniture, accessories, lamp etc.
  - E-mail back or message us through contact page or the chat window on the bottom left, telling what kind of room you need the design for and where the room is based?

What does the winner get?
An online interior design service, that will help you achieve your dream room
 - detailed client questionnaire about style and other preferences
 - visual plan of the room based on the questionnaire
 - shopping list of the designed items and links to where can you buy them.... and much more

Practically the same as our "GET YOUR DREAM ROOM" online interior design package


You can check out here

Deadline for the entry 11th of May

The winner will be chosen on 12th of May with prize draw

You can follow up the contest and prize draw on our facebook page



Win a FREE room makeover DESIGN!

or message us for more details

Win a FREE room makeover DESIGN!

or message us for more details

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