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colour advice, suggestion
interior design consultation
- Colour advice:
CreateR understand how difficult it can be to decide which colours would be best when you redecorate a room or the whole house. With the help of Photoshop and using pictures of your room and desired furniture we can  visualise it and help you to choose the right  colour of your rooms
Are you renovating your property on your own and  have question about it?
- Design advice:
if you stuck,  unsure where to start or overwhelmed by the choice or  not sure about which style to go for,  CreateR here to help.
A mood board of the main furniture, materials patterns and colours also a good way to help visualising the interior
There are various interior design programs with thousands of furniture in their library wall/ floor colours/ materials, wallpapers, that  we easily create 3D plan of your room and you will be able to see from various angles or even walk around,
We can suggest you style, furniture, colour wallpaper, soft furnishing, accessories etc.
Floor plan, feminin interior design, luxury purple black design
complete interior design plans​

If you refurbish your property or planning to do extension, you need to plan everything in advance avoiding any further mistake or unexpected  difficulties.

You need very detailed layout plans, to decide whether need to move or remove walls, and to be sure you have space for every activity and furniture.

Section drawings, elevation plans need for the contractors, tradesmen to be sure every plug, switch, water pipe, drainage will be in the right place and everything will be built, made as planned

Our design for you make sure, you will have everything planned for your needs and your budget.

You will also get a detailed list of floor, wall covering, furniture, accessories and where to buy them also design custom made furniture if needed

We plan:

  - hall

  - living room

  - kitchen

  - bathroom

  - bedroom

  - children room

  - walk in wardrobe

  - home study, office

  - playroom, cinema room

  - dining room......

interior design suggestion for decor element
complete interior design service from plans to realise with project management and sourcing
If you refurbish your property or planning to do extension, you need a complete interior design plan. If you are a busy individual who doesn't have the time for organising/ managing your renovation process, dealing with contractors or buying all the goods, we can do it for you, CreateR  will assist from start to finish and make sure all the work  done  by high standard and true to the plan.
The studio has a small well trusted team for decorating and we make our soft furnishing, but happy to work with your contractors too.  

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