ONE ROOM CHALLANGE week 1- a small guest bedroom makover

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

One Room Challenge is a fantastic event that I have been following for a while. You can enter with a room that you want to renovate (do makeover) and need to complete it in 6 weeks while also recording the progress in blog or in Instagram.

This year I had the opportunity to enter - EXCITED!

You can check other blog posts on the One Room Challenge here:

About the room:

The room is a tiny guest bedroom in a beautiful Victorian villa in Edinburgh. It was not made originally as a bedroom and has 3 doors, so 2 doors either need to be covered or given purpose.

The owner is a curator and has lots of artworks and textiles all over in the property to showcase, including a lovely African tapestry they would like to use in the room. They also like natural colours and fabrics and would like something dark and moody in colour for the room. The room has a wardrobe, a bed and a tiny side table, though due to its size not much else can be place there.

I have two colour ideas for the room which would go nicely with the tapestry:

one is a really deep, nearly black colour from Farrow and Ball: Studio Green with a rust colour picture rail.

The other colour is one of my favourites, a beautiful green colour from Little Green. It would be a reference for the greens of the tapestry: Jewel Beetle: