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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE week 3 - a small guest bedroom makeover - sewing

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Now I have the fabric and blackout lining for the roman blind, lining for the tapestry, upholstery fabric for the valance.

Time to put them together.

I have a studio where I do all the soft furnishing and upholstery work for my interior design projects. This week I spent my time there.

I have to decide on the exact size of the tapestry:

It has a frame around it that determines the size. It needs to be long enough to cover the door, but not too wide to leave space for the mirror beside it.

Need to cut the roman blind kit for the exact size.

Just a quick reminder from last week:

The colours and materials

Next week's tasks:

- more sewing, hope to finish all the textiles

- assemble the roman blind

- prepare them for installation

I want to install everything before the painting so if any accidental, misguided holes or damage appears (you never know with an old building - previous experience) can fix before the painting.

Please check out other blogs on the One Room Challenge and visit my blog next week too!

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