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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE week 7 - a small guest bedroom makeover - headboard, valance and cushions

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Nearly there but so anxious I won't be ready, some problems came up...

Until the wallpaper, everything went well, but the ordered wallpaper did not arrive and beside the busy work had to call many times until found out they don't have in stock and the new stock would not arrive for the time I need. I had to order a different one.

This weekend we are making the headboard, I have wallpapered it - I have to admit installing grasscloth wallpaper is really difficult, the glue seems to appear on the front every now and then, despite my best effort to keep everything clean - phew!

Another problem: the antique pine colour beeswax I chose not dark enough so have to run this morning and buy a darker colour. I just really hope we can finish the installing today!

I manage to finish the valance for the bed and made cushions from the same fabric, it is very similar colour as the headboard grasscloth, made some other cushions but not 100% I will use them, might need to choose something else.

I like very much this ikat patterned fabric, ikat and jacquard are my 2 favourites and this fabric combines them, but the colours might be too strong for the interior. Will have to see in the room.

I arranged the photographing for Tuesday but if I am not ready I need to change the day

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Don't forget to check the finished room next week!

The revealing:

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