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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE week 8 - a small guest bedroom makeover - the reveal

This week was exciting and stressful: whether I am able to finish everything, whether any problem comes up in the last minute, am I able to arrange the installing, the photographing etc, it depends on so many people, not just me....but here we are, the room finished, photo shoot taken place on Thursday, got the pictures today and I am VERY happy with them. It was difficult to choose which to put on this blog.

A big thank you Ross Fraser for the fantastic photos!

About the room: a tiny guest bedroom in a victorian house in the heart of Edinburgh. It had only a double bed and a wardrobe and 3 doors, as originally was not made for bedroom but probably a walk through wardrobe/storage. I wanted to either hide or make a purpose for the door openings and wanted to make the bedroom cosy and well functional. The window look north and the light that come in is cool so my preference was a warm colour but also something dramatic. The owner likes natural colours and we settled on this beautiful natural shade green Jewel Beetle from Little Green and the picture rail in Citrine from the same company

The guest bedroom owned by John Ennis, the founder and curator of Journey In Design.

Thanks for trusting in me with the makeover and make it as easy as possible.

He had this beautiful tapestry from Africa that wanted to use in the room.

I made most of the work myself with little help, including painting the walls, lining, trimming and installing the tapestry, making and installing a roman blind with blackout lining, making a valance for the bed, sewing cushions, installing the wall lamps, pictures and the wallpaper on the door. My background is soft furnishing maker and upholsterer outside of the interior design and also an enthusiastic but not too experienced DIY person.

Fabrics for the cushions and valance are from Yorkshire fabric shop, rust colour linen is from Ebay. The round cushion is from IKEA, I could not resist when I went to shop last week, the colour is perfect for the room.

The wall lamps are from MADE. The double arm is very practical and the dark green colour make them to blend in the room so well.

The coolie lamp shade is from Dunelm. It was too yellow but perfect size and shape so I painted with a rust colour acrilic paint and the supposedly ombre effect turned out to be interesting when the light on